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Rob Ryan - I DJ for People Who Want To Have Fun and Create Memories!
We've got the perfect DJ Drops package for every DJ, from beginner to experienced professional. Radio DJ Drops, Mixtape Drops, MixShow DJ Drops, Intro's, Live Set DJ Drops, Mobile DJ Drops, Club DJ Drops, Commercials, Imaging, Branding, Beat tags and more! 
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DJ Drops Packages
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$25 Pre-Produced Drops are: Your Name in: 1. Your Weekend Party DJ
2. Your Girls Favorite DJ3. Droppin Non-Stop Beats for Dat Ass Listen to SoundCloud. Please include 3 Custom Scripts numbered 1, 2, 3 for the $20 Special! 
Please enter DJ Name or Crew (Script/Drop Text) Plus Male or Female Voice Choice 
Custom Drop/Sweeper is just like you hear below in samples 3 to 15 words. Comment on SoudCloud if you like a particular style, we'll make yours sound similar. 
Choose any DJ Drop Below and We'll voice and produce with your name. 

DJ DropsReviews Rob Ryan DJ Drops:

Just ordered one last night. Got it in like 20 mins. So I placed another order. Thanks Rob Ryan Voice Overs instagram comment)
Kashawn DJ-Boogy Harris(instagram comment)
(facebook post)
Perfect!! Thank you!! Great work!

radio imaging #rrvo rob ryan
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