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Rob Ryan - I DJ for People Who Want To Have Fun and Create Memories!
DJ Drops package for every DJ. Produced, Custom, Custom Produced. 
August All Drops On SALE! Order Now! 
A 3 Produced DJ Drops $25                               B Custom (you script anything 3 drops
(sound & vocal EFX)                                           up to 15 Words each) No EFX 
Your DJ Name Put In These Drops!                   [$50 for 3 Custom Produced (EFX)
Choose A1, A2, or A3                                          OR Choose 6 Pack $69!]
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Voice Style Male - Deep Movie Trailer Voice Samples
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Voice Style - Female Voice Samples
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Voice Style Male - Hype NY Sample
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A: 3 Pre-Produced DJ Drops
Get the 3 Drops you hear in Package A1, A2 or A3. Your name will be put in to the drops you select with the production you hear.
Price: $75.00 $25.00
Enter Your DJ Name with Phonetic Spelling:
Choose The Produced Drops you want. They will sound just like these with your DJ Name. :
B: 3 Custom DJ Drops
Your script (up to 15 words each) 3 Drops. We voice and email. Dry No EFX
Price: $75.00 $25.00
Enter Drops Text/Scripts or Email
Choose Voice Style:
C: Name Only Drop
Get your DJ name or Crew's Name in this Tagg
Price: $25.00 $10.00
Enter DJ Name. Please spell phonetically. :
Voice for your Drop Name (Voice you hear is exactally what your drops will have plus your Name):
D: 6 Pack Drops Custom Produced
You Write 3 Custom Drops, 1 Intro & 2 Name Drops all custom and produced with Sound & Vocal EFX in the voice you want.
Price: $225.00 $69.00
Please email scripts with voice choice for each drop to after your order is completed. :
Sample DJ Name Drops
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Email Custom Scripts Thank You!
Package A: $25 Pre-Produced Drops are: Your Name in: Your choice of Pre-Produced DJ Packs 1. Hype NY Voice, 2. Movie-Trailer Style, 3. Female DJ Drops
Package B: Please include 3 Custom Scripts numbered 1, 2, 3 for the $25 Special!
Package C: Name only Drop is you DJ Name or Crew like in samples above. No EFX
Package D: Produced 6 Pack $69 Are 6 Drops (up to 15 words each) Custom Produced with sound and vocal efx. 
If no voice choice is indicated we will use Male - Movie Trailer voice for your drops. 
All Pre-Produced Drops must use "DJ" for Drops. Thank You!

Custom Drop/Sweeper is just like you hear below in samples 3 to 15 words. Comment on SoudCloud if you like a particular style, we'll make yours sound similar. 

DJ Drops
Reviews Rob Ryan DJ Drops:

  • Just ordered one last night. Got it in like 20 mins. So I placed another order. Thanks Rob Ryan Voice Overs instagram comment)
  • Great Rob, yea i received them! They sound bomb! Keep up the good work! Thanks alot man they sound great! Flawless quality! Ill make sure to send a couple more DJs and producers your way! Thanks, John Salas Dj Juanito Jonez Email 8-20-14
  • Kashawn DJ-Boogy Harris(instagram comment)
  • D.j. Juice (facebook post) Perfect!! Thank you!! Great work! 
  • Damn bro they sounds good.  That you very much ! I'll put your name out DJ KiddLove 7-24-14
  • Damn! Got them. Thank you! DJ Chubby 
  • Thanks so much Rob you the man !!! DJ Kon 10th Email
  •  I appreciate that. They are great. Thanks again brother. DJ Chill 7-28-14 Email
  • @RobRyanDJ Drops sound dope! Thanks man, I'll be debuting em tomorrow night! #Salute!

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Male - Female - English - Spanish

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